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Just announced! 432 key listed reserve enterprises in Henan Province (list)

Release time:2019-12-26Author:admin

   In the... Working days of 2020, 432 enterprises in Henan Province ushered in "good news", which were formally incorporated into the provincial key listed reserve enterprise resource pool and enjoyed the "big gift package" of five policies.

   On January 2, Dahe Daily � Dahe finance cube reporter learned from the local financial supervision and Administration Bureau of Henan province that the list of key listed reserve enterprises in Henan Province was officially announced, and 432 enterprises including Zhengzhou Xinda Jiean Information Technology Co., Ltd. were selected.

The reporter sorted out the list and found that among the selected enterprises, there were 88 in Zhengzhou, 12 in Kaifeng, 48 in Luoyang, 16 in Pingdingshan, 33 in Anyang, 15 in Hebi, 19 in Xinxiang, 21 in Jiaozuo, 16 in Puyang, 27 in Xuchang, 7 in Luohe, 9 in Sanmenxia, 33 in Nanyang, 13 in Shangqiu, 12 in Xinyang, 14 in Zhoukou and 12 in Zhumadian There are 4 cities in Longyuan City, 1 city, 4 cities in changgu county.

    According to the previous report of Dahe Daily � Dahe finance cube, on November 11, 2019, the Financial Bureau of Henan Province issued the notice on adjusting the provincial key listed reserve enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), proposing to adjust the provincial key listed reserve enterprise library, and put forward higher requirements for the enterprises to be put into storage in the next step.

    It is clearly mentioned in the notice that the provincial key listed reserve enterprise resource pool adheres to the target orientation of high quality and high standard. After 2-3 years of cultivation and incubation, the warehousing enterprises should quickly meet the listing requirements of Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange or overseas stock exchange market, so as to speed up the listing process of enterprises in Henan Province and expand the scale of direct financing.

    It is worth mentioning that the dynamic adjustment mechanism is implemented in Henan Province. According to the management measures for the resource bank of key listed enterprises in Henan Province (hereinafter referred to as the management measures) just issued by the Financial Bureau of Henan Province on December 27, 2019, qualified high-quality enterprises can add to the stock in at any time, but they will also be removed at any time if the exit conditions are triggered.
    So, what are the conditions for these 432 enterprises to enter the warehouse? Eight points are specified in the notice

    1. The registered place of the enterprise is in the jurisdiction of Henan Province, which has a clear listing intention and requirements, and plans to become bigger and stronger through the capital market.
    2. A joint stock limited company established in accordance with the law and has been in existence for more than two years, with a share capital of more than 10 million yuan, or a limited liability company that plans to complete the transformation of the joint-stock system within one year and the enterprise scale reaches the corresponding standards. If a limited liability company is converted into a joint stock limited company according to the original book value of net assets, the duration of its existence may be calculated from the date of its establishment.
    3. The operation of the enterprise is standardized, the internal governance structure is complete, and there is no false record in the financial accounting report; the enterprise and its senior management personnel can better abide by the laws and regulations of market supervision, taxation, environmental protection, etc., and there is no major violation of laws and regulations and bad credit records in recent two years; there is no dishonesty of the enterprise or the legal representative.
    4. The production and operation of the enterprise is legal and compliant, the main business is outstanding, and conforms to the national industrial policy and environmental protection policy. It belongs to the industry supported by the state, with strong competitiveness and high growth, and has a good development prospect; the main business does not belong to the restricted and eliminated industries listed in the national "industrial structure adjustment guide catalogue (2019 version)"
    5. Give priority to supporting the provincial key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization and enterprises in poverty-stricken counties to be included in the provincial key listed reserve enterprises.
    6. The enterprises that have been selected into the innovation layer of the new third board will be directly added to the provincial key listed reserve enterprises.
    7. The annual average operating revenue of the past two years is no less than 50 million yuan, or the operating income in recent one year is not less than 80 million yuan.
    8. The original provincial key listed reserve enterprises (except the new third board innovative enterprises) shall re declare according to the warehousing conditions

    What kind of "gift packages" can enterprises enjoy? Five items are mentioned in the management measures
    1. The warehousing enterprises enjoy the "green channel" service. The provincial, municipal and county financial bureaus and relevant functional departments simplify the procedures on the premise of complying with laws and regulations, provide high-quality, convenient and efficient services for the listed reserve enterprises to handle the relevant formalities and clear the listing obstacles.
    2. Zhongyuan equity trading center handles the listing procedures on the backup board for listed enterprises free of charge and carries out equity registration and trusteeship.
    Three Enterprises entering the stock market can enjoy the relevant reward and subsidy policy for listing in Zhongyuan equity trading center, give priority to the support of government funds such as advanced manufacturing industry, modern agriculture, scientific and technological innovation, cultural industry, etc., as well as special funds for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and funds for supporting independent innovation, etc., and give priority to participating in the listing, standardized governance, finance and taxation organized by the provincial local financial supervision bureau Legal and other business training and investment and financing docking services.
    4. Zhongyuan equity trading center provides backup enterprises with information disclosure, restructuring guidance, private financing, reward and compensation declaration, training consultation, and study abroad.
    5. The local financial bureau should guide the warehousing enterprises to standardize their operation, improve the corporate governance structure, complete the shareholding system transformation as soon as possible, continue to perform the obligation of information disclosure, and constantly improve the awareness and ability of using the capital market development.






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