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Ten Outstanding Women in Zhengzhou City, the sixth candidate publicity

The Mashu Yun, 39-year-old undergraduate, general manager of the Zhengzhou City, Pegasus micronized. Contributing to society to make their research results, benefits, 2000 resign his post alone, founder of the "Pegasus", a unique technical expertise, has developed a color TV industry and the ceramic-made powder, more than 20 kinds of high-tech series. investment to build a meter long environmentally-friendly gas calcination temperature tunnel kiln to meet the bulk export of some products won the national invention patent, filling the domestic blank, and exported to the United States, Korea and other countries, foreign exchange for the country back. Has won the provincial high-tech enterprises, municipalities and "38" red-banner pacesetter Ten Outstanding Young Persons, Ten Technology Veta, District of professional and technical top-notch talent.

2, Mao Fengxian, 49 years old, Communist Party members, secondary, Zhongmu County the Guandu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., general manager. Founder of the company for 12 years, has invested in the construction of the residential district of Guandu, flowers, Kim Court and a year to slaughter 2000 pigs farms, accumulated to pay taxes of $ 6 million. Enthusiastic about public welfare, charity, help old and disabled, donated 60,000 yuan to the student, the cumulative contributions of 20 million to support 100 poor families, 50 poor workers, 35 poor students and helping disability issues, the deeds of the County television stations, Zhengzhou Evening News , Henan Japanese version is published. Has won the city civilized people, "Glorious Cause" and the city, county "Fucan disabled" advanced individuals.

Wang Huixian, 42 years old, Communist Party members, college, Gongyi City Huixin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., chairman of the board. New agricultural technology and the "company + base + farmers + research" business model, built 1008 mu of high-efficiency agriculture demonstration zone, standard brick and concrete structure sunlight greenhouse of 14 large plastic Shed 23, the introduction of the cultivation of famous fruit of 20, the formation of three quarters of fruit, seasonal flowers set fruit production, leisure and tourism, eco-tourism, fruit processing, the annual output of 22 million kilograms of fruit, promote the development of fruit trees planted two acres of the 5000 rural women. Won the double learning than female experts, the province one hundred private technology entrepreneurs, re-employment of outstanding individuals, the top ten youth scientific and technological innovation model.

4, Shu-Hong Wang, 41-year-old undergraduate, Zhengzhou City, the fourth 19 senior mathematics teacher. Taught 20 years, has served as teacher, long-term sick to work, love students, such as sub. By teaching students have won national first prize in a national mathematics competition, the four second prize. Committed to the class teaching experiment, the creation of a suitable new method of teaching in small classes. Research papers published in national newspapers, more than thirty papers provincial City of excellent papers second and third, brought the class repeatedly won the "civilized class" school "advanced class group. Has won the National Outstanding Teachers, the city civilized teachers, teachers model.

5, Shuqin, aged 52, Communist Party members, the University, Zhengzhou City Department of Education Department of teaching and research staff. Engaged in education for 30 years, once honors bid farewell to high school graduating class of multi-sector, for Students, to encourage the advanced, incentive backward, in conjunction with parents, Zhengzhou Foreign Language School to teach the counseling class test out of Literature and History The foreign language class two provincial champion of the college entrance examination results, the school's historic bright spot. Often published in magazines in his spare time teaching and research articles, book editor and supervised the issue of the country, has won the first national excellent geographical workers, excellent instructor, provincial, city of outstanding teachers, outstanding Basic educators, excellent teaching and research workers.

Wang Qun, thinking, 56-year-old member of Communist Party chief physician, Master Instructor, member of the National First Aid, deputy director and director of the provincial and municipal Academy of Pediatrics, Zhengzhou City, CPPCC members. Became a doctor for 38 years, assiduously, rigorous work, strong sense of responsibility to rescue critically ill patients to work overtime and never gratuitous, led to the countryside clinic. As City TV, radio, invited guests, chair doctors Zuotang, Healthy Island activities. Hosted and participated in the provincial and municipal scientific research and award-winning eight. Written medical monograph 8, medicine more than 80 papers, won the provincial and municipal model workers, the Labor Medal, the top ten female role models, health care professional celebrity, prevention and treatment of SARS "outstanding party members and other title.

7, Tian Xiufen, 43 years old, Communist Party members, Ph.D., First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, ENT professor, master tutor. Professional for 20 years as a National Natural Science Foundation, seven provincial subject, provincial scientific and technological achievements, and third prizes, the outstanding paper of the Provincial Natural Science, and third prizes, provincial and fifth University of Science and Cultural Arts Festival The first prize, a book 6, above the provincial level professional journals published more than 10 papers. Actively participate in helping the poor medical teams to work for a year, all employees in the city hospital to launch disabled children Songyisongyao, on holidays, surgery free of charge to the provincial charitable hospital for orphans and disabled children. Won the red-banner pacesetter "38", the second session of the Youth Science and Technology Award, and technology experts.

Qiaoyi Dan, aged 33, Master of Zhengzhou City People's Procuratorate indictable a Deputy Director. 11 years, engaged in public prosecution work successfully for five hundred major, difficult, complex cases to ensure that all organized in charge of cases with extended detention, conviction rate of 100%, 100 cases prosecution Louzui, prosecution leakage guilty of 25. Huge bribery case managers of the former deputy general manager of the Henan Electric Power Company Li Junjie (deputy departmental level), 10 million embezzlement case in sheets I selected the provincial anti-corruption system, City Attorney system "Ten fine case, and awarded a personal three such as power three times. Has won the outstanding public prosecutor, the provincial top ten prosecutors, provincial outstanding prosecutor, five civilized offices.

, Liu Shuli, 40-year-old Communist Party members, MA, director of the Zhengzhou Intermediate People's Court Research Office. Career as a judge for 20 years, pragmatic, dedicated and innovative. Prominent play to research the functional role of service trial results, investigation, judicial statistics, case preparation and reporting of repeatedly ranked first in the province. 30 a number of research published in the "People's Daily", "Law Journal and other national journals, a number of achievements have been awarded provincial second prize compose Judicial essence, the" cordon "," The Trial see "and other books. Has won the national research and statistics advanced group, provincial and municipal research advanced individuals, the City of advanced workers, outstanding party workers, has been awarded the individual third class four times.

10 Fang, Zijin Road, aged 44, Communist Party members, high school, tube city sanitation teams cleaning the squad leader. 11 years engaged in sanitation work, the bold and pungent, high standards, strict cleaning quality, rain or shine, cold summer, suffering from diabetes, does not affect the work, to carry drugs, still remaining at the forefront of work . Life always concerned about the suffering of the whole class, lead the class to political progress, known as a zealous Sister. Zijin Road, she is responsible for grant of benchmarking road, a model demonstration Road, has won the advanced workers of the provincial sanitation industry, city construction project advanced individuals and the city beautician.

11, Lihong Min, 41-year-old, college senior beautician, the Xinmi red-sensitive salon beauty salon Dean, senior beautician. 10 years, free trainees, 2300, donations for 80 poor students, 368 laid-off workers and unemployed youth, the site of the old, weak, sick, disabled and other free services. To raise 40,000 yuan expert was hired as a female quality education mobile classroom lecturer to the charm of a woman, parenting special report, 500 women, free of charge into the village to the 17 townships taught 30 times. Won the National Excellent beauty salon, state-level evaluation of the fourth Chinese hair make-up contest, excellent knowledge workers, new password Ten Outstanding Women, "38" Qishou Youth Civilization.

12, Li Aihua, 39-year-old Communist Party members, undergraduate, Zhengdong New District of Zhengzhou City, Thermal Corporation Pipeline Network Director of Engineering Construction Management Department. 15 years to complete the 56 km of the pipe network design, design of thermal stations 66, 76 km pipe network construction, flushing of 129 km, participating in the construction of a heat source plant, the thermal station 23 and 2.68 million square meters for the user support network, secondary network to coordinate to solve the difficulty of 36 large construction projects, demolition, construction of cross issues. The red pipe network in the Eastern pipe network transformation to go down to check fault, the average daily adhere to the site 18 hours, 5 km Night Watch 'delay 24 hours on-site to resolve to contribute to the city's central heating. Won the City, an outstanding member of the Council and advanced workers.

13, Alan Li Chi, aged 52, Communist Party members, college, Zhongyuan District Family Planning Commission director. Engaged in planning work to adhere to the in-depth grass-roots level, visit villages, caring women's health, research and practice and thus improve the working mechanism, innovative floating population "brigade stack-style" management style, "a package" "three services new models and personally edited knowledge of family planning laws and regulations, Reader at the provincial, municipal and district promotion. Has awarded the advanced units and individuals Hunyuxinfeng Households activities, advanced reproductive health survey district, provincial, city family planning advanced units and individuals to maintain a class districts across the province, city civilized unit "38" red-banner pacesetter, the district The third class, etc..

14, Zhang Huayu, 45 years old, Communist Party members, college, Zhengzhou City, Qi Li Yan labor camp Clerks. 25 years, focusing on the accumulation of experience, innovation, profound knowledge, social mobilization, with the family concern, probation, education, wake up the family and socially responsible conscience of inmates in correctional work. Tirelessly for inmates to get back the stories of the lost 11 years of his mother worked in the CCTV News Channel, "An", "East today", "Zhengzhou Evening News", "Great Wall special, provincial and municipal television station reported. add luster to the judicial police officers. Has won the May 1 Labor Medal, the top 10 professional ethics model, an outstanding member of the judicial system.

15, Zhang Lina, 34-year-old undergraduate, Zhengzhou TV news, current affairs reporter. Engaged in journalism 14 years ago, wrote over 1000 articles of more than 200,000 words work notes summary, to explore modes of publicity, a keen political mind, from the perspective of close living, close to reality, the masses of starting, use the camera to record in Zhengzhou, prosperity and development, the average annual broadcast political news news 260 60 400 000 words of the depth reports, a series of reports, press reviews, published over 10 articles, four national awards, five provincial. Has won the outstanding journalists, spiritual civilization construction and optimization of the economic environment for the development of advanced personal.

16, beans rain Xia, 39-year-old undergraduate, Erqi District Love Hope apartments for the elderly president. Created in 1998 after being laid off facilities Love Hope apartments for the elderly, offering old-age care workers training base, the implementation of "scientific management, family services, from 42 bedspaces to the now 20,000 square meters more than 500 beds, a total investment of more than 10 million yuan, thousand people take care of themselves for the elderly, resolve family members to worry about. And placed more than 100 laid-off workers and unemployed youth, and employment for the community to alleviate the burden. Has won the National Top 10 senior citizen role model, love the old Respect HelpAge advanced individual, the leader of the Star of the Chinese public, the province of laid-off female workers re-employment, "38" red-banner pacesetter, laid-off female workers re-employment of advanced models.

17, Yang Min, 41-year-old Communist Party members, undergraduate, Huiji District Women's Federation President. Held various positions, to adhere to strict, high, fast, small, in fact, five-word principle. Women's Federation work, give full play to their own advantages, the integration of social resources, has helped 300 laid-off workers re-employment, rescue 200 children living in poverty, the poor girl to send tuition, to achieve the region with no missing school children, to the hero Bamboo Weidong his wife, Wang Junying send 2000 yuan of relief funds and coordination of 20 million yuan for downhill Yangcun configuration fitness equipment, for seven consecutive years per year for the district public prosecutors, law, the corporate sector the introduction of over 200 million in equipment funds. Has won the Province advanced individuals of the Spring Bud Plan, "38" Qishou create advanced personal Greentown Top Ten guards.

18, Yang Zhuoxin, 43-year-old undergraduate, senior engineer of China Seismological Bureau, Center of Exploration Geophysics. In deep seismic sounding inversion method and seismic data processing and interpretation of 21 years, efforts to study business, and never cared about the interests of the pros and cons, as the main backbone of scientific research, participate in and responsible for more than 10 major national research projects, data processing and interpretation, the results of the preparation of the report work, five of which have won the Outstanding Achievement Award of the China Earthquake Administration Earthquake Disaster Mitigation, and have issued more than 10 papers. Has won the seismic geophysical exploration of advanced workers, workers model of civilization, the top ten female workers, the city model workers.

19 Zhao Asian, aged 54, NLD, college, 17 secondary schools, Zhengzhou City, Vice-Chancellor. In school finance for 23 years, adhere to the "inexpensive" do "three" "four noes", "take the lead. And built 47 campuses in the bubble site grams difficult, heavy internationalization and modernization of education, to attract foreign teachers, the school from 300 students to more than 60 teachers to the 7800 plus students more than 700 teachers of the three campuses. Public-spirited and many times initiated by making a donation to needy students, donated books and teaching facilities and activities. Has won the National the Long udarnik, city of outstanding educators, city of civilized people, basic accounting work advanced individuals, mountains and the countryside activists.

20, Chi Shu-Yuan Chao, 40 years old, college, Zhengzhou City, Jia Dai clothing and textile Mate Li Jiao Co., Ltd. general manager. In the development of the company created the Province Circle Albert Technology Co., Ltd., and agents across the province. With the growth of enterprises, did not forget to return to the community, donated 200 000 founder of the Shu-chih Hope "primary schools, poor students" surrogate mother "for the nursing home living alone, laid-off workers and low staff more than 500 pieces of donated clothing for the disabled 20 contributions to a wheelchair, invested million $ the Hou Zhaixiang Mai duo ditch the villagers to solve the drinking water is difficult. Has won the municipal model workers, city, advanced members of the District Political Consultative Conference, the District luster cup and hepatobiliary cup advanced individuals, "38" red-banner pacesetter.

21, Luomei Hao, 50-year-old undergraduate, Professor, College of Plant Protection, Henan Agricultural University, graduate mentor. 24 years engaged in teaching and research work, the introduction of modern teaching methods, homemade slide and Teaching web pages, the book knowledge to visualize the establishment of the "General Entomology" teaching website, write three of the twenty-first century curriculum materials, presided over and participated in the provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects more than 20. 36 published papers in the "Plant Protection", "tobacco" and other academic journals, the speaker, General Entomology Provincial Courses. Has won the provincial scientific and technological progress, second and third eight outstanding female science and technology workers, school Teaching Excellence Award, Distinguished Teacher of Meritorious Heroine and other.

22, Guo Yan, aged 43, member of Communist Party, Master of the Central Plains University School of Tourism and trade, deputy secretary of Vice-President, Professor. 21 years in higher education work, concerned with helping students to contribute to the poor students, has donated clothing and school supplies. 18 open publications and the National Humanities core journals published, writing on and teaching materials 11 8 results of provincial, municipal incentives, which in Henan Province of sustainable tourism development supporting system of the provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. 13 results of provincial project and identification. Has won the province of outstanding teachers, academic professional and technical leaders, and top-notch city professional and technical personnel, high-level positions distinguished talents, teaching rookie.

23, Guo Jinyan, 43-year-old Communist Party members, undergraduate, Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment nine brigade captain. Shi policy because of the situation as the capital of the only policewoman on duty brigade leader, organized the "image of life" for team training, post training, technical competition, set up reading groups, to create a learning brigade; establish service philosophy, internal to adhere to "talk" system the external standardize law enforcement activities, to create a "humanistic management team,". Nei, focus groups, with the team, and continuously made new achievements, new breakthroughs. Has won the National "March 8th" Red Flag Collective, Women and civilized demonstration Kong, Province youth civilization, "38" Qishou Labor Medal.

24, Ji Xia sensitive, 41-year-old, college, the Zhengzhou tea wholesale market chairman and general manager. Laid-off are not committed in 1992, from small department stores, wholesale clothing, to the vegetable wholesale market, the Longhai communications city, Jinrong Supermarket manager to play the expertise learned from the school to explore, the founder of the province's largest tea market. Arrange more than 2,000 workers laid off more than 1,200 people (including women), each year for the poor and disaster areas donation of tens of thousands of dollars, and funded out-of-school children. Has won a key Chashi, the advanced workers of the tea circulation, provincial civilization integrity of the market, the 10 outstanding tea entrepreneurs, the Zhongyuan famous tea people, city civilization, the public model, etc., and the papers published in the Chinese Tea Culture Festival.

25 Jarman a 41-year-old Communist Party members, graduate students, the people of Central Plains District of Zhengzhou City, Vice-President. In the work of the Court 18 years, based on the criminal trial of educational functions, and saved countless slip juvenile; focus on innovation and the practice has the implementation of the 'oral' "," home '"and other convenience measures, and properly handle the large number of groups and individual petition cases no one petition. Charge of the department has repeatedly won the provincial court system is advanced, the satisfaction of the Municipal People's Political units, collective, third class. The individual was awarded the advanced workers of the provincial court system, advanced individual petition, the district outstanding party members, outstanding civil servants, the Ten Outstanding Young Persons handling the case experts.

26, Qin Caixia, 40 years old, Communist Party members, graduate students, Xinzheng Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary, Management of Social Security Office. Seven years fighting the stability of the work of front-line, under the leadership of the 15th the first monthly visit system, the use of four will visit "method to solve a large number of hot and difficult problems of the masses, first established in Zhengzhou City, the city safe guards, township peace building center and village law and order and prevention and control system. Has won the national security comprehensive management and "Falun Gong" cult struggle advanced counties (cities); provinces, municipalities and comprehensive management and stability of advanced personal, city women taught Award, Xinzheng City, outstanding party members, outstanding servant of the people, services economic development hero.

27, Tang Huiling, 41-year-old undergraduate, Xinzheng City People's Hospital, vice president of the union Chairman, director, deputy director of the physician. Medical and clinical work for 16 years, medical ethics, study hard, prominent academic, she has led a "intracranial hematoma Minimally invasive surgery, reducing the morbidity and mortality rates of patients, but also hard to learn professional knowledge to enjoy a high reputation. Senile cerebral hemorrhage analysis of the paper, "The Nimotop Prevention of subarachnoid hemorrhage with cerebral vasospasm, the clinical observation of Henan Medical magazine. Has won the Zhengzhou City, academic technology, women technology leaders, known as Xinzheng doctors.

28, Caoxiao E, 72-year-old Communist Party members, college, Yellow River Conservancy Commission of the Yellow River Hospital retired physician. After retirement, active aging, their own small clinic for the past six years, adhere to every Tuesday and Friday for community residents, people with disabilities of the poor masses and tubes city free clinic for more than 10,000 people, has for the works donated by more than 10 million to finance more than 100 poor students, for The flood relief donations donated 5,000 yuan to 1000 yuan and 100 new quilts for the fight against SARS, and donations for the tsunami of 5000 yuan. China has won the Youth Development Project Hope Contribution Award, Province, excellent mother, Hope Project Construction Award worthiness Dedication Award, City, civilized people and civilized people pacesetter.

29, Li Han, 28-year-old members, college, Zhengzhou City, the power company business manager. Six years, engaged in power marketing line of work, whether for meter reading, toll or business account manager, bearing in mind the "People's electrical for the people" principle of service to the customer with a problem, filled with satisfaction owned by the reception tens of thousands of people, without an error, and praised the "Service from the heart from the experience and with our customers, good communication and communication methods of work and play an exemplary role in the work of the province's power quality services. Has won the Star of the services granted by the State Grid Corporation of quality service to a code of conduct presentation contest second prize and the company union, the star of the top ten services of the provincial power grid company, advanced workers.

30 Fou, 29-year-old undergraduate, Zhengzhou City, Goldwater State Revenue Collection and Management, Deputy Chief of the Sixth Committee of the CPPCC, Zhengzhou City, member. Young and capable at work, not limited to "would", "mature", but the courage to introduce a "new concept", has organized, participated in and completed pilot the promotion of fiscal cash registers, tax collection and management information systems on-line operation work, the province's computer fixed tax and electronic filing pilot project. Collection and management of information technology for the the Jinshui state tax even the provincial tax system reform advice. Has won the IRS information to build advanced individuals, the honorary title of the New Long March udarnik, youth and skilled positions.

31, Xieshu Fang, aged 42, the Association members, the city CPPCC members, graduate students, Zhengzhou City, sixty-first secondary school principals. From teaching 20 years ago, many times the auspices of the provincial and municipal key issues, the publishing of papers On with the implementation of humanistic management, proposed to allow each student to optimize the development of "educational philosophy, called on school teachers each claimed a poor students, the creation of the English test classes as school characteristics, school growing reputation, the scale has expanded each year. Love life and as the child, to help poor students complete their studies. Has won the provincial, city, outstanding teachers, key teachers, academic and technology leaders, City Reform rookie, according to the law school advanced personal, District Meritorious Heroine, "38" red-banner pacesetter pacesetter.

32, Tanji Ping, aged 34, Communist Party members, undergraduate, the Zhengzhou nine in the Church and State Department director of trade union Vice-Chairman, the Chief Party branch secretary. From teaching 15 years, adhere to the "willing lonely, be content with poverty, diligent hard work, willing to sacrifice principle, and seriously explore, summarize the teaching and management experience. Focus on moral education, family care problems and poor students, the outstanding achievements in education and teaching. Articles education teaching, the paper won the national, provincial and municipal Prize and published in the press. Won the outstanding instructor of the provincial civilized teachers, youth model aircraft, the City Youth teacher education reform rookie, excellent teacher, excellent League Cadres, new Long udarnik, the advanced workers of social practice, news and propaganda advanced individuals.